Getting Fresh With your Audience

So, you’ve got yourself a website. Congratulations! It’s such a great feeling to call it up on your browser and admire all your hard work: the copy, the graphics, the formatting, the SEO, finally put together and out there for the world to see. Whew, it feels so great to have it done!

Getting your website up and running is a huge milestone, make no mistake, but it’s really just the beginning. You designed it to attract customers and convey your message to them. That’s a great start. But, you want people to keep coming back to your website, so your next point of focus is building engagement. Yes, that annoyingly overused marketing buzzword. You want your website to become a place people visit over and over, and where they refer their friends and colleagues. How do you get them to do that? You’re going to have to get fresh with them. Read More