Blogs, Articles & Adverticles

Keeping fresh content on your website is a challenge, yet your search rankings depend on it. Attaching a blog to your site is a smart way to build your audience, get them interacting with your content, and establish your business as an authoritative source in your field. Does your website give customers and prospects a reason to come back often and share your message with others?

Likewise, publishing articles and adverticles can help your company build trust with its audience and expand your reach exponentially as people share your content. When prospects search the web for information related to your business, does your name come up as an expert source? Are they seeing a variety of authoritative articles from your company? Are related companies citing your articles?

If you’re like most of my business clients, you’d love to have a continual stream of fresh content on your website and people sharing your message for you. If you’ve tried it on your own, you’ve probably learned that it’s a challenge to come up with new topics all the time, and writing all those posts and articles eats up time you need for actually doing business.

When I blog for clients, I design each post to stimulate sharing and discussion among likely prospects. When I write articles and adverticles, I make sure that my client’s message addresses issues overlooked by its competitors, giving my clients an authoritative edge. In addition, every post, article, and adverticle has quotable hooks in it, which attract other media sources to cite and discuss my clients’ messages. Let’s talk about making your business the expert source everyone wants to quote!