Technical Editing

When you hire a technical editor, you need a lot more than simple copyediting and proofreading. You need an editor who can understand the content and goals of your document and offer substantive comments and queries to improve the readability of the document. Have you paid for technical editing, only to get back a document with nothing more than line editing and proofreading done? Are you tired of having your budget busted by editors who don’t understand your documents and have nothing substantive to contribute?

I’ll ensure that your technical documents are clear in terms of explanation and presentation, and that the presentation is specifically geared to your target audience. I know you’ve got a budget to meet, and endless revisions aren’t part of that budget. My experience in working with engineers, programmers, geologists, and physicists allows me to communicate effectively with technical people, understand the issues quickly, and expedite the editing process. Let’s talk about how I can help you produce better documents more efficiently!