Academic Editing

Dissertations, Theses, and Undergraduate Papers

You’re under enough stress already, getting a large paper researched and written. Whether you’re working on a proposal, still in development, needing to implement your advisor’s comments, or ready to put on the finishing touches, you need the help of an experienced editor.

I’ll help you pull it all together with insightful queries and notes, and, of course, precision proofreading and formatting. My flat per-page rate includes editing the original submission plus two re-writes, then a final proofreading and formatting to the specifications of your department’s required style.

Sometimes, you may find that your advisor or someone on your committee is working from an older version of the style guide your department requires. If this should happen, I will address their objections line-by-line with references to the latest style guide chapter and section.

Under no circumstances will I write academic papers for others. It doesn’t matter how much money you’re offering or why you need it. Don’t ask.



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